2023 / 11
“Data-Cloud 100” AstraZeneca and Digital China Pursues Digitalization of the Medical Industry

Recently, AstraZeneca China held a conference on Sustainable Development Partnership with the theme of “Reaching Far and Embracing Innovation with an Ambition of Zero Carbon” in Shanghai. Digital China was invited to attend the summit and won the award of AstraZeneca Partner of the Year.


As a cross-category supplier, Digital China can provide business support for AstraZeneca in a wide range of IT fields. Meanwhile, the enterprise has completed its digital business transformation and sought new win-win points with AstraZeneca in the field of digitalization. During the pandemic containment period, it continuously guaranteed the IT operation and maintenance such as live-streaming as well as the stable delivery of RHQ nationwide. Meanwhile, it has launched industry-leading exploration and practice in compliant digital management in these two years, among which its compliance report and four-dimensional management report have won the President Award for two consecutive years.

——Awarding remarks from AstraZeneca

Putting the cloud end at the first position
Significantly improve the level of digitization

Since 2015, the domestic cloud computing market has entered a stage of rapid development. Especially after 2015, the cloud computing market has completed customer cultivation and customer popularization. In 2016, the cloud computing market witnessed explosive growth, and customers in traditional industries began to go to the cloud. Around this time node, the cooperation between Digital China and AstraZeneca was kicked off.

The first step in going to the cloud must be the choice of cloud resources. As one of the few cloud and digital service providers with strong multi-cloud capability and ecosystem cooperation, Digital China is the industrial leader of the MSP field in China. The cooperation between AstraZeneca and Digital China is a natural result. With Digital China, AstraZeneca began to deploy in the four major cloud manufacturers at home and abroad, and in the past three years, its cloud resource consumption has increased significantly, marking the continuous improvement of its digitalization.

So far, the cloud-end digitization of Digital China and AstraZeneca has been increasingly deepened, which has achieved new exploration and progress in such directions as cloud computing-based enterprise data platform, commercial intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Taking the compliance risk reporting system, which won the AstraZeneca President Award for two consecutive years, as an example, the platform not only enables high quality compliance management through digital products, and solves the pain points faced by the compliance department with agile and iterative management mode; meanwhile, the platform also enables the compliance department to quickly locate and find out the detailed causes of risks, thus fully automating a lot of reporting work previously done manually.

On this basis, Digital China also cooperated with AstraZeneca to build a Digital Delivery Center. With a focus on digital transformation, the Center aims to achieve greater value in a more agile manner and on a more systematic scale, which can effectively reduce the time, space and cost required by traditional delivery methods and achieve more efficient product and service delivery. From point to plane, the digital transformation journey of Digital China and AstraZeneca will become increasingly widened.

With data cloud integration
Become a leading digital transformation partner

Committed to becoming a leading digital transformation partner, Digital China will achieve a greater value in a more agile way and with a more systemic scale, based on its competitive insights in the medical industry and profound technology R&D capacity, relying on the concept of data cloud integration to accelerate its digital transformation, so as to ensure that its agility and expansion in new business scenarios and new analysis demands in the future and pursue digital transformation with AstraZeneca.

In the view of Digital China, the pharmaceutical industry should establish a new relationship with doctors, and the application of intelligent and digital tools is naturally the only way. However, in the actual development process of AstraZeneca, there are quality differences in conference data, sales data, product data and other data, which are difficult to integrate, resulting in the lack of data and business insights and business decisions. For this reason, Digital China first helps AstraZeneca achieve data quality and consistency in the field of data governance, thus helping AstraZeneca to translate operational data into valuable data insights. On this basis, Digital China further mines the logic of data indicators and the value of data elements, and achieves an in-depth analysis of data on the basis of fully ensuring data security, so that the data insight can be transformed into an important basis for guiding business decisions.

In addition, in the field of pharmaceutical digital marketing, from the perspective of pharmaceutical companies, thanks to the SaaS system of digital marketing, pharmaceutical companies can reach 5 times the number of doctors with the same length of time and only 1 / 3 of the original cost. However, the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry has just begun. Many pharmaceutical enterprises are “faced with pain points everywhere” in the process of exploring digital marketing. The digital marketing matrix built by Digital China in the pharmaceutical industry can help achieve the continuity in the monitoring of the behaviors of each doctor and patient, so as to achieve accurate and customized drug marketing.

More importantly, in this reform of technological paradigm led by generative AI, Digital China can also help customers realize comprehensive AI services such as professional AI management, AI training of medical representatives and AI services for patients, drive new business value with artificial intelligence, and promote digital transformation to a new stage. Digital China has always been adhering to its original aspiration of building the digital industry of China, insisted on leading in terms of concept, technology and practice and leading the development of digital economy.

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