2023 / 05
Securities Market Red Weekly: Growing with Brand Strength, Digital China Listed among Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China

On May 15, the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China compiled by GYbrand Global Brands Institute was officially released. Digital China, with its profound brand accumulation and continuous expansion of its brand influence, was included in the list, as its brand strength was recognized again.


It is reported that GYbrand is the world’s youngest and most potential research institution of local brands in China, whose research results have become the vane for the evaluation of intangible assets of Chinese and even global brands. It is worth mentioning that the ranking in this list is not based on market value or revenue scale of the enterprises, but a comprehensive judgment of brand values from different indicators of four dimensions, namely brand fundamentals, brand performance, brand strength, and brand contribution.

At present, China’s economy is entering a stage of high-quality development, when it shifts from manufacture to creation, from speed to quality, and from products to brand. Meanwhile, the brand construction of leading enterprises in various industries has also entered the fast lane, and the brand value is becoming the core indicator to measure the soft power of enterprises.

Behind the brand value is the growth value and growth potential of the enterprise. In 2022, Digital China responded to the changes in the external environment and delivered a commendable report card. In 2022, Digital China achieved an operating revenue of 115.88 billion yuan. In the year, Digital China launched a strategic upgrade of “data-cloud integration”, incorporated the revolution of technology paradigm into its core development strategy, built the framework of a full-stack technology system for data-cloud integration, and helped customers in different industries such as finance, retail and automobile to mine data value and empower business with data.

Guo Wei, chairman and CEO of Digital China said, “Generally speaking, in 2022, Digital China not only achieved a growth against the trend in the difficult time. Supported by the dual driver strategy of ‘data-cloud integration and information technology innovation’, the company further adjusted its strategy and shifted its focus to high-value business quickly to advance the high-quality development of enterprises.”

As an explorer, practitioner and enabler of digital China, Digital China has been deeply engaged in the field of informatization in China for more than 20 years, and has become an outstanding brand of digitalization in China. As the “digital China” was promoted as a national strategy, Digital China put forward a new vision: to become a leading digital transformation partner, adhering to leading concepts and technologies, with the strength of digital industry ecosphere as the cornerstone, promote the whole society’s digitalization process, lead the development of digital economy, and achieve a win-win situation with customers, ecosystems, employees and investors.

Recently, ChatGPT has attracted widespread attention around the world. As to artificial intelligence technology represented by large model, Digital China has also made a foresighted deployment, and is currently working on with partners from such fields as banking, medicine, and industry to build a To-B large model.

The other day, Guo Wei said at the opening ceremony of the DC Motivation Conference and the 5th 2023 TECH Technology Annual Summit that the emergence of AIGC model had accelerated the flywheel of data generation and become the most important technology singularity of digital native. In terms of underlying architecture, the data-cloud native platform had broken the traditional technology paradigm, and the data-cloud integration had become a new architecture with a complex system and even phenomena of a life entity. The data-driven digitalization of enterprises had entered a new era of data and knowledge emergence.

In the digital age, digital technology has become the No. 1 driving force for China’s modernization. With digital China as its mission, Digital China is actively integrating with the innovative resources of the whole society into the overall layout and planning for the construction of digital China, and promoting the realization of the great goal of socialist modernization by 2035.

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