2023 / 07
For 7 Consecutive Years! Digital China are Listed among 2023 Fortune China 500

On July 25, the 2023 Fortune China 500 was unveiled. Digital China (stock code 000034.SZ) ranked the 194th in the list with a revenue of 115.88 billion yuan in 2022. For seven consecutive years Digital China are in the Fortune China 500 since its A-share listing.


Digital China also ranked 123rd among the 2023 Fortune China Top 500 Listed Companies released on July 11.

This year, the Fortune China 500 was selected in the same way as usual, covering both listed and unlisted companies. With the list and its data, people can see the latest trends of the biggest companies in China. The total business revenue of the companies selected into the list this year reached $15 trillion in 2022, with a net profit of $717.1 billion.

At present, with the rapid development of the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the digital economy has increasingly become a key force to promote high-quality development. Since its establishment, Digital China has always carried out the mission of digital China. In the context of the continuous advancement of digital transformation in China, Digital China has actively embraced the revolutionary technologies brought by cloud native and digital native through the upgrade of “data-cloud integration” strategy, accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises. In 2022, supported by the strategy driven by “data-cloud integration and information technology innovation”, Digital China constantly adjusted its pace to focus on business with high values and built the strength of growth with high quality development, achieving an annual operating revenue of 115.88 billion yuan, and a revenue of over 7 billion yuan from the two strategic businesses, namely cloud and independent brands. Its cash flow improved greatly, with an operating cash inflow of 840 million yuan, 990 million yuan more than the same period last year. Earlier, Digital China also announced the annual cash dividend plan of 2022 to allocate 291 million yuan; for five years, cash dividend rate (including buy-back) was more than 40% on average.

In 2023, the explosion of generative AI technology has brought about revolutionary changes in all industries. In the face of the opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies, Digital China is also exploring the future in a more imaginative way. As early as 2020, Digital China began to enter related fields of natural language understanding. Through Digital China’s AI knowledge management platform, it helped customers in various industries such as automotive, finance, retail, and manufacturing to realize digital and cloud applications in various applications. In the face of the explosive growth of the demand for computing power from the current market, Digital China is also accelerating its involvement and practice in the fields of AI computing power. With the great computing power support of Shenzhou Kuntai’s series products, it helps all industries and sectors to build a computing power base with high performance and high security.

At present, the commercialization of scientific and technological innovations and achievements is accelerating the development of digital economy and realizing the new vision to “become a leading digital transformation partner”. Digital China will constantly advance the digitization of the whole society, lead the development of digital economy and realize the win-win development with customers, ecosystems, employees and investors, taking the strong digital industrial ecosystem as the foundation and taking the outstanding digital technologies, products and services in the applications close to customers as the means.

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