Marketing ecological network

Digital China has built a huge B2B marketing ecosystem network to cover all products and cycles in 1,000+ national cities and gather 30,000 partners from major vertical industries. By continuous improvement of product service system, Digital China provides marketing support, capital chain and risk control, and supply chain services, grows with the majority of partners, and leads the digital transformation of the whole industry chain.

At the end of 2019, Digital China launched the core channel of “Total Polymerization” to create a brand-new partnership and ecological construction landscape, to jointly grasp the development opportunities of digital economy and to cope with uncertainties in the market environment.View details

Digital China Service Alliance

In November 2020, relying on the concept of “co-construction, sharing and co-governance”, “Digital China Service Alliance” was officially established, whose members concentrated on three key words of “openness”, “technology” and “service” to boost service upgrading, to break organizational boundaries and to continuously build a new digital ecosystem of aggregation and symbiosis for running business, making friends and enjoying future.Alliance solution

Alliance Memorabilia

Shenzhou Financial Service Cloud

Based on Shenzhou information and finance technologies and risk control models developed by Digital China,“Shenzhou Financial Service Cloud” is an innovative supply chain financial product that provides for partners via SaaS. It has the characteristics of more convenient quota acquisition, more favorable financing cost, faster financing efficiency and more flexible use of funds and creates continuous new vitalities to the business development of “Total Polymerization Program” partners.View details

Shenzhou Business Bridge

Shenzhou Business Bridge: It is an intelligent ecosystem integrating big data, artificial intelligence, sharing economy and a partner community of Digital China that injects new momentum to partners and grows together with them.View details

Ecological Partner
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